Balsam+ Plus Low Amonia Permanant Hair Colour Cream Variety Colours

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Balmore Balsam+Plus is a Low Ammonia Permanent Hair Colour Cream range consisting of 12 colours formulated in Germany. We boast of lasting colour! Each box contains 1 tube of 100ml colour cream x 2 half filled jars of developer cream, 1 colour brush and 2 hair colour remover wet wipes made in Israel.

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BALSAM+PLUS is a low ammonia range of permanent hair colour cream with 12 different shades that contains added Balsam Extracts for vivid colour.

Contents of the box: x Tube of Balmore Hair colour cream 100ml
2 x 100ml Applicators (filled half full) each containing 50ml of Balmore developer
2 x Balmore Hair colour remover wet wipes Sachets (From Israel contains dead sea minerals)
1 x Balmore hair colour comb

Our BALSAM+PLUS range helps the user to split this box into 2 applications. This means if your hair is short, this box is good for colouring on two separate occasions. We recommend everyone to do a sensitivity test prior to colouring. Do not apply on open wounds. If swelling occurs, do not use the product.

How to use:
* Do not shampoo hair first. Apply on dry hair only.
* Squeeze half the tube of hair colour cream into the applicator bottle.
Reseal the hair colour cream properly. An opened tube of hair colour cream can be kept in ambient temperature for 12 months after opening.
* Replace cap of applicator bottle tightly. Shake the applicator bottle well.
(Mixing ratio 1:1)
* Unscrew tip of the applicator cap and apply colouring mixture evenly unto the hair. Use provided comb so you do not need to use your hands! Do not apply on the scalp.
* Leave on for 30~40 minutes. Processing time should be halved following a perming or bleaching treatment.
* When desired colour is achieved, rinse hair gently with colour shampoo and warm water.
* Use the provided colour remover wet wipes with your shampoo to remove any colour stains on your skin.

Available colours: