Daishin Vapour Flux Tank Model S-21

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Suitable for both auto and manual brazing applications. Interior of tank is made from stainless steel (rust free). Quality gas flow control fittings to prevent gas leakages. Easy to clean inside tank.

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  • The inside of Vapour Tank S-21 is made by stainless steel. Therefore, stable brazing can be obtained without deterioration of using flux and discoloring by rust.
  • Vapour Tank S-21 supplies the stable Flux by mixing fuel gas and Vapour Flux.
  • Vapour Tank S-21 is strong and has high performance against pressure. It is designed to operate and maintenance simply.
  • Vapour Flux is solvent base with the methanol. Please keep away from heat or flame.
  • When water sealed safety check is furnished in the gas line, Vapour Flux tends to be crystallized with water and clogged in the Vapour Tank.
  • To infuse flux to Vapour Tank, use Spare Tank is convenient and recommendation