Danish Selection Rosehip with Apple Jam 380g

Danish Selection Rosehip with Apple Jam 380g

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The Rosehip is the reddish fruit from the Rosa Rogusa rose. The rosehip can be found growing wild in Denmark where it is picked and cleaned and the hips are used for rosehip spread marmalade. The seeds of a rosehip fruit are notorious for their ability to scratch when they come into contact with the body. In addition the rosehip is known for its high contents of vitamin C.The apple originated in the Far East and came to the West as a secret passenger of trading caravans. Apple cores were thrown onto the roadside after which the seeds germinated and grew into wild apple trees with small red sour apples. Apple trees were raised along the Nile in the 12th century B.C. and from there, expanded to Greece and Italy and later to Europe. The apple was highly valued during the Middle Ages - it was readily available and cheap. It was also used as the equivalent of a toothbrush for a long period of time.

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