Xinrui Electronic Gas Saver Model N500

Xinrui Electronic Gas Saver Model N500

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Used in gas welding and brazing operation. Manufactured in China using Japanese technology. Easy to operate. Operator has to only to ignite the torch at beginning of gas welding or brazing operation and to hang it to the hanger for extinguishing the torch after the operation. There are no troublesome valve adjustments of the torch. The ignition to the torch can be done by only spark igniter and saves the gas consumption.The gas discharge will stop within 2.0 seconds, when the torch fall off from the hanger or the device falls down caused by emergency disasters such as an earthquake or an accident. Moreover, the gas discharge will also inevitably stop, when a power supply is cut off. Then after an electric power is restored, the gas does not discharged, as the solenoid valves are locked with "FULL INTERLOCK" system. Because of no pilot flame, there is no choke at pilot nozzle and the ignition method is spark, there is no influence by fan or spot cooler. (Valveless torch is optional). Other models are also available.

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Connecting figure for brazing equipments

Technical characteristics:

Quality: The ignition (N500) Japan into the Industrial Research Institute.

High security: First turn the gas off gas, automatic, off oxygen to lower tempering chance; Can automatically cut off the flow when the ignition failure; Can automatically cut off the flow when the torch accidentally detached.

Easy operation: Operating layout is only one power switch and a flame detection switch, used one will be able to master.

Energy saving and environmental protection: The design of low power consumption; Welding torch frequent occasions, and can effectively reduce the welding torch is invalid burning time, save gas and reduce costs.

Appearance is exquisite: Exquisite designs, the shell is made of quality 304 stainless steel.