Xinrui Flotron Smart Gas Flow Controller Model DF11K

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* Improves stability of gas flow automatically making the flame more stable, reduces defect rate and improves brazing quality. * Strong and weak flame switching function helps reduce cost. * In case of shutdown or power off (Including sudden power failure) controller will automatically trigger the nitrogen fire extinguishing device to automatically extinguish the fire to prevent flashback to ensure safety and reliability of the entire system.

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  • Controls the mass flow rate of both gas and oxidizer (oxygen or air) to the brazing environment
  • Multiple recipes can be stored in the FLOTRON CPU for immediate adjustment or changeover via the HMI
  • Combustion settings for burner ignition, preheating, and brazing can be stored within each recipe
  • Realtime flow monitoring feature
  • Accumulated consumption monitoring feature
  • A critical component in brazing repeatability, as gas and oxidizer pressures and flows fluctuate unpredictably from the supply source
  • Can be installed on customized Daishin turnkey brazing machinery, or retrofitted to existing brazing machinery in the field for immediate improvements to FPY
  • Retrofit models replace existing machine combustion gas delivery and control systems entirely. Flow control is adjusted via a dedicated HMI pendant that is installed with the FLOTRON(s)